Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I'm looking for a specific property within a certain price range, can you help me?

Yes, we can help you. We are not allowed to specifically guide you in any direction in terms of location or neighborhood but you can visit our website and put in your specific search criteria. If you do not see anything come up, then you can register online through Mylpm and whenever anything new becomes available that fits your search criteria, you will be notified immediately.


2. Where can I apply for a rental property?

Applications are accepted online through our website or you can come in person. Applications are one per person (regardless if working or not) over the age of 18 and $55.00 per applicant. In person applications are accepted in cashiers check or money order only.


3. Do you have any applications pending for this specific property?

It would be hard to say because the application is good for anything that we have so someone could have an approved application and come in to rent a completely different property.


4. Is the application fee refundable?

Not if your application is not approved. The application fee goes towards processing your application (running your credit, background check, calls, etc.). If your application is approved and there is nothing else you like, then you can request a refund.


5. I don't have any credit and this is my first time renting, but I have excellent income... will I qualify?

You have to meet all of the requirements in order to qualify for a property which include: credit, rental history or home ownership, income verification and a criminal background check. The alternative is that you can have a co-applicant but that person would be responsible if anything were to happen. They would remain on the lease with you for the life of the lease and would need to live in the State of CA.


6. What kind of income do I need to provide?

It really just depends upon what kind of income you receive. The application can be downloaded from the website or you can apply online and it will list the kind of income you will need to provide depending upon your type of employment or other sources of income.


7. I need to submit a 30 day notice, how do I do that?

Submitting a 30 day is very easy! You need to make sure all parties on the lease sign the 30 day and submit it to our office.


8. I have a pet, but this property I'm interested in says "no pets." What gives!

We do not set the pet requirement. Every property is different in the case that it may not allow animals per an owner's request. In the event you decide to rent a "no pet" home and bring one, this may create a conflict or a bad reference. Remember to always follow the pet rule on the home if you plan on bringing your family pet.


9. I have a service animal but it says "no pets."

Service animals are not considered pets. In order to show proof, please show documentation that the animal is needed.

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